Diskvar’s marketing catalog

Why to choose advertising on the Diskvar platform.

Reach more leads: Advertising with Diskvar will place you at the summit. We will passionately work with you to optimize your ad's visibility; we are ambitious to build a long-term loyalty relationship with our clients reflexing our motto : "trust and client satisfaction".

Boost your chance: According to reports and sales model studies, the statistics showed that items promoted with marketplace advertising showed better results than similar items that didn’t take advantage of marketplace advertising services Meaning when sellers prompt their inventory with marketplace advertising will have higher items views, more potential buyers, more bids, and maximizing price drive, ensuring not just will your item sell but it will sell with maximum profits too!.

Part of our platform advertising formats:

Homepage Advertising: positioning your ad on the homepage of our website will make it 100% sure that your ad will be viewed by every single visitor, which means the maximum sale and profit potential.

Homepage Advertising:

Sending newsletters with content and promotion to inserted customers from Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Bahrain.


Target a more specific audience by placing your ad on the category page. You can offer your category-specific item to the audience interested in the same category, which will boost your chance to sell.

Targeted emails:

Every week Diskvar sends targeted emails to buyers who are involved in sales and auctions. We will send those emails to the active buyers who are interested in items similar to yours. Newsletter: market your inventory directly by including it in the Diskvar newsletter that delivers to our large set of opt-in subscribers.

Custom Emails:

We will provide you with professional custom email designs and advertise your business and inventory by sending emails with related content to Diskvar buyers and bidders to draw attention to your inventory.

Targeted Google Campaign:

Attract more potential buyers who are googling for auctions or items like yours.

Targeted Facebook Campaign:

Reach more potential buyers and bidders by targeting Facebook users interested in assets like yours. To request advertising in Diskvar’s marketplace, please contact us at