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A. When you have won the auction, and your bid was accepted, we will send an invoice to your email.

Q.How do I pay for my purchase?

A. Please note that the most reliable payment for international buyers is a wire transfer.

Q.How can I Watch a List: Saved?

A. During searching for vehicles, recognise vehicles to add to your Watchlist. You are controlling the sale date, lot number, information and current bid of your vehicles of interest.

What are the auction fees?

A. If you have won a lot, your invoice will include:

  1. Lot price (the price at which the lot was sold during the action).
  2. Taxes (depend on the state and vehicle title type).
  3. Auction fees:

Flat fee

€200 flat fee Diskvar will charge for all vehicles over €1,000

Documentation fee

€40 Documentation fee applies to every vehicle purchase, which covers necessary title transfers and mailing.

The customer must pay the balance due in full no later than two business days from sale confirmation notification.

Q.Diskvar fee?

A. We accept debit and credit cards for deposit. For complete payment, we do not accept credit or debit cards. We take wire transfer, cash deposits into our account.

Q.Do you accept debit or visa card?

A. This is the amount they charge for purchasing an item, and our fees are what we impose to buy the item for you.