Diskvar is Marketplace Ads: advertise your business or inventory directly on the Diskvar marketplace as a stand-alone advertising platform. With Diskvar is large traffic dail ensure you will reach more leads. We offer you the following in-site advertising options that will fulfill your goals:

Banner Advertising

Present your business in a markable style using Top,left or bottom banner.

Classified ads

easily post an ad that describes your item and let interested buyers contact you.

Sponsored ads

Optimize your ad’s views rate with sponsored ads.

Logo in search results

Display the logo of your business next to all your ads in the search results.

Listing Options

Highlight or feature your items in the search results and make them stand out from the competitors

Marketing Services: Boost your presence with our top-class marketing services brought to you by Diskvar is marketing profession als.Our team will work on all kinds of marketing channels of example. But not limited to social media, in-site marketing , SEO...etc to ensure our clients stand out in the market, reaching more leads by managing advertising compaings, carrying out measurements, and success valuation.

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Daily updated marketplace where you can find vehicles that match your needs. We offer you the best deals in one place all online. Basically you will find items in to selling formats: auctions: sell your items in auctions and get the best revenues. Actions take place on our platform, no third party auction website is needed .


Auctions Logistics: From valuation to delivery! Diskvar's logistics staff will help your auction succeed. Our employees will provide you with a professional valuation of your inventory, doing all the documentation work required, publishing your item(s) in auction(s), and the shipping process after completing necessary transactions by buyers. Diskvar’s logistics staff will employ its long-term experience in organizing auctions with one goal in mind: ensuring that you will get the maximum profits! If you need expert support to operate your auction contact us at .

Customer support:

We got your back! Diskvar is all-set team is here to support our clients from Mondays to fridays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM in English , swedish , X,X,X and X for free. Our customer support professionals are ready and well suited to handle all of your issues, concerns, and technical difficulties. Our customer support team members are not like those employess who respond like automated answer machines we do care and we will provide you with expert-level support when needed. Do you have a question? .. no problem we got the answers! Contact us at


A reliable, secure, and stable platform that you count on. Diskvar is always evolving to keep up the market growth and client is needs bu implementing the most recent updates using cutting-edge technologies.