find the best trucks and industrial machines on Diskvar auctions get the benefit of our long-term and expert-level experience in operating auctions.

for buyers, finding auctions of good deals on Diskvar is simple, easy, and free of charge :

First, navigate to Diskvar's home page. After that, in the search tool filter "Listing Types" check on Auction. Lastly, hit the search button and surf a variety of great opportunities.

setting up an auction with Diskvar for dealers:

First, inspect your vehicles and assets which you intend to sell, prepare the required documentation, namely, taking photos and drafting the complete description; we do an initial evaluation for items that are offered for sale by us. Finally, you will get the amount sold for you. We also assist with the viewing and collection of the item before and after the auction. Or you can send the item(s) you intend to sell to one of our positions, we Handel prepare, organize, and display the item(s); please note you have to pay transportation fees. Diskvar handles an auction process in about three weeks from when the agreement between you and us has been signed. These three weeks include everything from documentation to sales accounting. To request an auction please contact us at


The bidding is entirely controlled by the system. The purpose is always to place a bid right earlier than the competing bidders, but no longer than that. The bidding service automatically puts bids in your name up to your max bid. The minimum bidding periods vary between items.

Bidding formats:

Once you are registered at Diskvar, you can find vehicle auctions; whenever you see a good deal, you can place a bid in two ways:

Quick Bid
It automatically entered on behalf of the bidder for the lowest amount required to win the item. The button will be available on the bid form and will attempt to submit a bid for the current minimum bid amount if clicked.
Submit Bid
The bid will be the one you place and is handled manually. Suitable to use if you want to put a large bid from the start and take home the whole auction, but it requires attention from the bidders if other bidders might have maxbids in place.

In either way, at the end of the auction, the higher bidder will be awarded the vehicle being bid on if his bid meets the reserve price (if any).


Auctions Logistics: From valuation to delivery! Diskvar's logistics staff will help your auction succeed. Our employees will provide you with a professional valuation of your inventory, doing all the documentation work required, publishing your item(s) in auction(s), and the shipping process after completing necessary transactions by buyers. Diskvar’s logistics staff will employ its long-term experience in organizing auctions with one goal in mind: ensuring that you will get the maximum profits! If you need expert support to operate your auction contact us at .